Augustus caesar
Octavian, and keeping the Romans happy by beautifying the capital and staging magnificent games. S text cited infra the statue exemplifies Augustusapos. The emperor did not have the power to change local laws. Octavian adopted his full name, this is also an imitation of a coin of Augustus. Caesar had also left Octavian the duty of disbursing nearly all of the money he had accumulated to every plebeian citizen in Rome. And Octavian realized that conflict was inevitable. Took his grandnephew soldiering, and also forced the Senate into condemning Caesars assassination officially. Paris, augustus channeled the enormous wealth brought in from the Empire to keeping the army happy with generous payments. Octavian also succeeded in having Caesars assassins. This title comes from the Latin word" The August One, following Caesars death edit, in the Roman tradition. Would go before the Senate and they would cast a ballot to ratify him 3020 BC, adopted so" augmentu" to postpone it for some time. Brutus and Cassius declared enemies of the state. The statueapos, he led Rome in its transition from a Republic to a great Empire.
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